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Vista Individual and Family Plan Overview

The Florida Health Insurance playing field is littered with unreliable PPO's and HMO's without any networks.  If you are reading this page, then you either have or are about to realize that Vista's HMO might be the most comprehensive plan in the country.  If you don't believe us ask the State of Florida or ask us at East Coast Health Insurance which company our clients always thank us for putting them with.  It certainly isn't a PPO.

Vista has one main plan choice which is a very comprehensive HMO with every doctor and hospital in South Florida including Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach that is worth mentioning.  My wife and my parents all have it and I wouldn't trust my health to many other companies.  This plan is copay based and has only one deductible which applies to the hospital services only.  Now go back and read that sentence again. 

YOUR DEDUCTIBLE ONLY APPLIES IN THE HOSPITAL.   This means that your everyday bills including Emergency Room Copays, Diagnostic Procedures, Mole Removals, small surgeries, and even if you have courage to do it a pimple removal program. 

Well the last part was a joke, but in Florida only one company can say go to the dermatologist and run biopsies, have your lesions removed, and take off your warts and all and you walk out with a bill for $25 (give or take $25)  and that is Vista Health Plan.  So if you are sick of getting bills from doctors and paying off big ER bills then now is the time to call us for the Vista Individual HMO and Open Access Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans.

Ok, but some of you don't like HMO's, so what do you do so that you can don't have to get referrals all the time?  Well just last year Vista came out with a second plan choice called the Open Access HMO plans which basically give you the freedom of not having a referral.  We usually only recommend this plan to people that go to the doctor frequently, as most other people will not exercise the benefit enough to warrant it. 


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VISTA'S Individual Health Insurance plan choices range from the 0 deductible plans with no coinsurance to the $5000 deductible plans with a generous amount of coinsurance to fit every household budget in Florida.  We are not saying these plans are for everyone, but they are for everyone that wants to save money on premiums and get more benefits then their cruddy old PPO plans.

Vista  keeps our members happy and healthy. VISTA now offers added convenience and more value with new discounts for Individual plan members.

VISTA Better Living Program Enhancements

VISTA members can now take a more active role in living a healthy lifestyle. Beginning January 1, 2007, the following VISTA Better Living Program enhancements, offered through Axia Health Management, are available to Individual plan members:

• 50% discount on membership registration fees at participating fitness clubs including 24-Hour Fitness, Curves, Fitness Solutions, Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness and World Gym.

• QuitNet, a comprehensive online behavioral support program to help people quit smoking.

• My ePHIT, a customized online health and wellness program, with a telephone coaching feature, designed to engage individuals in activities promoting physical fitness, healthy eating habits and behavioral  management.

The V is for Value.


Vista Health Insurance Quotes
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VISTA has one of Florida's largest board certified physician networks and more than 6,000 independent participating physicians. In addition, VISTA's health plans received the highest level of accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare.

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